Ensure Success With Our Market Research Agency


Hundreds of market research companies promise to deliver success to their clients but do you know whether they have had any success? Our global market research agency brings forth more than 26 years of experience in the field of marketing and sales success for different types of businesses.

As one of the leading market research firms, we ensure that you attain complete research services at a single platform. You will attain complete information regarding the market of UAE and it’s potential for your business.

How to successful establish your business in UAE?

The basics to marketing in product or services in a region lies in understanding the local customers. Our team has been in the business of market research in UAE for a very long time. United Arab Emirates comprises of lot of nations and it is because of our experience we understand local customers.

The technique to successfully establishing your business in United Arab Emirates is understanding the most basic components of human behaviour such as:

  • Culture
  • Behaviour
  • Social impact
  • Psychology

Human behaviour in every nation differs due to the above mentioned factors. We can help you with useful information as we have interacted with locals for a long period of time. There are certain dynamics that you will need to comprehend in order to make your business successful in UAE.

Resources Used By Our Market Research Agency

There are two primary methods for conducting market research-quantitative and qualitative. Both of these research methods are useful for consumer insights and business planning.

The following research methodology has helped us double return on investment for many of our clients:

  • Market research survey: online and offline surveys are distributed among your target audience in UAE to decipher information that is relevant for your business. You may be facing pricing issue or you may not be employing the right channel of advertising for your products and services. We uncover information that identifies issues through our market research survey method.
  • Mystery shopping: We send our mystery shopper to your stores to check on the shortcomings or satisfaction level of your customers. They can also check on the employee behaviour and efficiency that may help your organisation to formulate strategies for progressive planning.
  • Focus groups: We select a group of people that match your target audience and ask them to answer questions related to your brand image, your product or service and the effectiveness of your marketing technique.
  • Face-to-face interview: Face to face interviews reveal information that may not be accessible through calls such as emotions, body language, gestures etc. We interpret emotions that unfold important information for your business.
  • Telecommunication: A lot of customers today interact with the employees before they come to a store. We evaluate the performance of your employees during such calls and give you a detailed report of the conversations. We also take surveys on phones via telecommunications.
  • Keep the guesswork out of your marketing with our market research company.