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Ready to grow your business and market in China? Our global perspective and local knowledge contribute to gaining market intelligence of your business.

Growth is an important aspect of every business. You need to understand your consumer market and gain insights about the business by conducting regular market research.

We can help you gain insights into the Chinese market and global audience. Our market research firms comprehend different types of businesses and evaluate the buying behaviour of products and services extended by them.

Essential research methods of our market research firm

There are two primary types of research that we focus on- qualitative research methodology and quantitative research methodology.

Subheading: What is qualitative research?

A qualitative research focuses on non-numerical data to comprehend human behaviour in a particular social environment. We use focus groups to analyse detailed information about various components. We put up open-ended and detailed questions to your target audience. This helps us gain an insight into the consumer minds. Additionally, it points out your positives and negatives.

Examples of qualitative research include:

  • Ethnography: It is the study of the social and cultural environment of the target audience.
  • Interviews: We conduct in-depth interviews to comprehend issues related to products and services extended by your brand.
  • Case study: We conduct case studies that help you understand the consumer’s psychology behind buying a particular product or service extended by you.

What is quantitative research?

This is a numerical form of data that is conducted with the help of surveys, polls and hypothesis. The numerical data is a great tool for understanding the wider perspective of consumers. However, sometimes the data collected by this approach may not give you answers to in-depth questions.

Examples of quantitative research include:

  • Surveys: We circulate a list of questions to the prospective target audience to find key information that may influence the buying decision.
  • Observation: We observe the behaviour of prospects to determine techniques and symbols that work best for your business.
  • Polls: This is a great method to understand the response to a dilemma. We conduct polls all over China and get valuable responses that can help sell in the local market.

Drive success with our market research services

Our experience in implementing market research survey has resulted in many businesses spurting growth. Our dedication and knowledge in the field of market research have gained immense popularity.

As one of the best market researchers, we aim to deliver a comprehensive study of your competitors in the Chinese market and deliver solutions to get an edge.

We extend online and offline methodologies to help you gain access to unique consumer insights.

Accelerate your business with our strategic solutions.