Consumer Research

Collecting and interpreting information such as preferences, psychology and buying patterns of the target audience through traditional methods such as direct observation, mail surveys, telephone or face to face interviews.

Ethno streaming

Ethno streaming or Ethnography is the gathering intel by pure observation of the focus groups. The idea is to just observe and not interact. Majestic MRSS has the resources and the expertise in doing such research which can be used for a plethora of fields like social cause to FMCG to automobiles and such others.

Perception Analyzer

The Perception Analyzer™ is an electronic dial system that allows the customer to individually assess each questions of any form of test material. The added advantage is that it offers absolute privacy if the questions asked is private or personal. This is a simplified data collection process.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking allows us to use its unique features to recognize people's attention and behavior. This is used in a variety of research fields - from commercial usability and market research studies to scientific psychology and vision research. MRSS India offers remote and wearable tracking solutions.

Digital Tracking

A tracking software that track the websites the participants visit, apps they use ads they see and also search terms they enter. The software is loaded on to the user's personal devices and the online behaviour is monitored without intruding upon their privacy.

Online Market Research

Internet is a treasure-trove of information. Online market research is a secondary form of research wherein the data is acquired from various online channels.


It is a telephonic survey method. The software has a built-in logic which gives a higher rate of accuracy. Majestic MRSS has statae-of-the-art CATI facilities to conduct our own surveys.

Mystery Shopping

A handy process used by clients to measure the quality of service, adherence to compliance and general customer experience. At majestic MRSS, we have qualified mystery shopping experts to ensure the objective of measuring the quality of customer experience.

Data Acquisition & Analysis

Majestic MRSS prides on collecting relevant data and out-of-box interpretation & analysis for a successful report.