Implicit Research Technologies

Implicit Research Technologies


Market is driven by consumer behavior so it is essential that businesses know what the customer is feeling and thinking. However, people rarely choose brands by conscious thinking as their choices mostly depend on unconscious associations; and most of the time customers do not/cannot say what they truly feel. Due to this, the conventional (explicit) marketing researches lead to an inadequate report. Explicit market research faces limitations when it comes to capturing the cause behind actual purchase decisions made by the consumers.

Understanding the Psyche

Limitations of Explicit Research

Implicit Research – The Indirect Way

This helps in understanding the consumers better, as do not rely solely on what consumers are able and willing to self-report. This combines behavioral science and business to give us advanced quantitative and qualitative tools to dig deeper into the psyche of the consumers. Awareness through Unawareness -- Depending on the research method, participants may be unaware of what is being tested, unaware of the actual attitudes or cognitions being measured, or unable to control outcomes. Implicit measures may be valuable in assessing spontaneous or automatic attitudes towards stimuli. These methods possess particular predictive value in areas focused on spontaneous behavior.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking has become a powerful tool in market research. Knowing what people see and what they miss is the key to an effective marketing campaign which turns people into buyers. Eye tracking allows us to use its unique features to recognize people's attention and behavior. This is used in a variety of research fields - from commercial usability and market research studies to scientific psychology and vision research. MRSS India offers remote and wearable tracking solutions. For remote tests, Eye Tribe is used to track the gaze and outputs on all eye tracking metrics.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics portrays the actual use of your mobile app by the customers. This software monitors system level behavior passively on IOS and Android devices.

This tool helps the client make data-driven decisions about mobile strategy, tactics, and products. This is the robust way to assess the frequency and usage of various applications on a respondent's phone without hampering their privacy.

Voice Analysis

Subtle cues in speech features (e.g. pitch, talk time, entropy, harmonics) are translated into meaningful patterns (e.g. speaker's consistency in tone, level of engagement or distress in the conversation) to infer their psychological state.

Voice analysis is mathematical software that detects specific patterns in vocal recordings in real-time.

Face Analysis

Face analysis software provides reliable answers about how users react spontaneously to products, brands and content, by monitoring their facial expressions and how they react to different stimuli, and by tracking where they look at.

It tracks micro expressions and translate them into universal facial expressions like happiness, surprise, sadness, anger and more.

Digital Tracking

Digital Tracking offers passive tracking programs, which aids in observing online behavior in a non-staged environment.

This software is installed on various personal devices used by participants (who have given their explicit consent) and offer anonymity to the participants

They track the websites the participants visit, apps they use, ads they see and also search terms they enter.

With the combination of this online behavior and background information that participants share, an insight is developed using this data.

Automated Audience Measurement

It is a process of measuring the demographics of the audience along with their attention and the dwell time. It usually uses simple video sensor to count actual viewers and overall opportunities to see (OTS).

The solutions are available as software or as an all in one device which measures the strength and impact of media. These set of solutions can be deployed in retail stores, malls, agencies, boutiques, transportation hubs, restaurants and even museums.

Neuro Science

Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system. It is an interdisciplinary science that collaborates with other fields such as chemistry, cognitive science, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine (including neurology), genetics, and allied disciplines including philosophy physics, and psychology.

While choosing neuroscience-based techniques, it's imperative to ask the following questions:

  • Does the approach tell us something meaningful about brands or marketing?
  • Does it tell us something we don’t already know, and enough to justify its cost?
  • Is it practical and scalable?


Neuromarketing is the use of brain-imaging technology to measure subconscious responses to a variety of media. Companies around the world use this tech to enhance their consumer research with insights beyond those gained by traditional methods.

This measures the consumers’ immediate, subconscious responses to stimuli without speaking. Participants simply wear state-of- the-art EEG headsets that measure the brain's response to the given stimuli.

The EEG devices record brainwaves across the cortex, taking in data points at a rate of 2,000 times per second. This award-winning EEG system is incredibly easy to use and sits comfortably on participants' heads. Within 24 hours of completing a study you can find all results on NeuroSpire’s interactive online dashboard

Emotional Analysis

This technology interprets and analyzes emotions evoked by different kinds of stimulus like TV and Internet commercials, outdoor and indoor adverts or simply music and video clips. It contributes to better understanding of what people feel towards different stimulus and simultaneously can change the way of how we think about impartial measuring emotions.

Emotional Analysis is a user-friendly system available in the cloud. It’s a tool that helps the client predict the effectiveness of video advertising and the sales conversion.

Social Commerce

It is web based software which allows the clients to augment their online revenue by giving complete data access.
Few descriptors
Big Data of Social Media

  • Big Audience Insights
  • LCD and HCF of Audience Chemistry
  • Algebra of Audience Biology
  • Fingerprint your Audience

In conclusion, the social media does not sleep, and your company cannot be caught napping! This software keeps you alert while you are away!!!