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Ever felt the need to conduct a personal market research to understand your target audience? From time to time, you may have the felt the need to do so. This can be extremely taxing on your business as you may lack the resources and expertise for carrying out such an important research.

This is where Majestic Research can help you. We are one of the largest market research companies in the world with offices spread out in 18 different countries.

As a best market researcher, we have helped many companies evolve and grow their business drastically. Our market research firm is efficient in carrying out qualitative and quantitative research.

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The growing need of every business requires an in-depth analysis of potential customers. We help you gain access to better visibility of your customers’ insight with the help of qualitative research analysis.

As one of the largest market research companies, we constitute the best practices to help you gain a better prospect for your business. How do we get you results? Read below to find out!

  1. Extensive research: Our market research company studies your products and services. We then identify or explore the possibility of a new market or enhance the existing market solutions. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research as per requirement and identify the issues that may slow your business.   
  2. Observation: As a market researcher, we observe your potential customers in shops and in different types of social settings. This helps us understand the psychology behind buying decisions. Additionally, it helps us gain a better understanding of the things that competitors are utilising to get an edge over your company.  
  3. Factual data and analysis: We prepare our report full of comprehensive data. You can strategise or plan your business goals for future according to this data. Our global analysts understand the relevance of providing data that can be easily comprehended and gives a clear perspective on the growth of your business.
Solutions: There is a solution to every issue we analyse. Identifying the issue may be eminent but providing a solution is more eminent. Our solutions can help your business grow efficiently.   Track progress: The last step to get results for the growth of your business is keeping a track on the progress of the solutions provided by us. We go beyond the duty of seeking and providing solutions by tracking the progress of solutions implemented by your business.

Avail services of our market research agency at best price

Every business is different from one another. Our professionals are expert in various sectors to give you customised solutions as per your requirements. Our market research companies extend these services at an affordable price.
We also assure delivery of every research conducted on a promised timeline. Time is money; thus, we ensure that all our timelines are met to guarantee satisfied delivery.

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Consumer Research

Find preferences, motivations, and buying behavior of the targeted customer identified through direct observation, mail surveys, telephone or face to face interviews.

Ethno streaming

Allow users for interactivity with the on-site researcher and instant translation. The system consists of a video camera, mixer, encoder and advanced data communication modules.

Perception Analyzer

The Perception Analyzer™ is an electronic system that records respondent's emotive or cognitive reactions to any form of test material.

Eye Tracking

Understand the estimate gaze direction for product design.

Digital Tracking

Develop insights using the behavior data of people who have given their explicit consent and they offer anonymity to the participants.

Online Market Research

Digitization makes researching your competition and market easier by acquiring data gleaning from various online channels


Acquire More efficient and accurate questionnaire administration through world class CATI system administration.

Mystery Shopping

Qualified mystery shopping experts to ensure the objective of measuring the quality of customer experience.

Data Acquisition And Analysis

Devise strategic decisions with a systematic data acquisition, analysis and interpretation.


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Moblie: +91-9833955978